Super Bowl XLIII & Fried Zucchini

Before it gets too far past Sunday, I should post a couple Super Bowl thoughts of mine.

I was busy goofing around in the kitchen for most of the game, but I sat down and watched the 4th quarter…the quarter where all the action happened. The quarter where any Arizona fans got a little happy for the Cardinals. What a great little roller coaster ride the 4th quarter offered! For a small moment I thought the Cardinals had the win. But nooo…

Instead, The SteelersĀ  won their sixth Super Bowl trophy.

BOO Cardinals, BOOO! (still, great game)

The point? Sometimes some things go better than other things go, such as this batch of Panko fried zucchini I threw together. Pretty tasty if you ask me.

Dipped in a little bit of Ranch dressing and you’re set.

Your home team may now lose.

Panko Fried Zucchini

Panko Fried Zucchini

4 Responses to “Super Bowl XLIII & Fried Zucchini”

  1. Where is the recipe/method for that fried zucchini? That is one of my favorite appetizers of all time. It looks really good. Hopefully, the good taste helped console any disappointment about the game.

  2. oops – it’s me again. sorry.

  3. Becky – since I was using Panko, I went with that theme and dipped (about 1″ thick) sliced zucchinis into Tempura Batter Mix (flour works just as well). Stir one egg and 2 T. water together, then dip the “floured” pieces into that, and finally dip into the Panko crumbs, coating well. Cook zucchini in preheated 375Ā° oil of choice for 2-3 minutes per side.

  4. My kids love fried zucchini! Thank you for posting this. I’m going to try it out and I’ll let you know what the verdict is.

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