Potato Love

So, I found a cool heart-shaped potato today while washing potatoes for a batch of tasty Creamy Mashed Potatoes. Behold, the heart-shaped potato I found…

Heart-shaped potato

Besides just being tasty, potatoes contain other neat properties.

Potatoes have no fat, are sodium free and high in potassium and vitamin C.

Eating potatoes with skins on make them an excellent choice for fiber as well.

Plus, the natural carbohydrate that potatoes provide are used more efficiently by the body than processed or refined carbohydrates.

Fresh potatoes are typically the ideal natural size of 6 ounces, containing just 100 calories.

Potatoes are naturally packed with potassium and are much healthier, potassium-wise than some of the other healthies.

Potassium, which is essential for normal function of muscles including the heart, maintaining the body’s electrolyte balance and it also plays an important roll in maintaining the body’s water balance. Low potassium intake may be a significant factor in the development of high blood pressure.

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  1. Too bad you can’t save it for Valentine’s Day! I did not know that potatoes are a good source of potassium. That’s great news for Grammy who loves potatoes and is potassium deficient!

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