Tostadas…Straight Up

Tostadas are a great, fast meal that you can make as simple or as complicated as you want. Either way, everything you may add is probably not complicated at all. So if you or your family dislike tostadas…umm…bummer. I mean, you can add olives, ground beef, shredded meat, onions, diced avocado, fresh salsa, sour cream…yes, the list goes on and on. Shrimp Tostadas? Fish & Slaw Tostadas? Or go out on a limb and make Egg and Cheese Tostadas!?

Tonight I felt a little less gourmet and a little more simple.

Here is the proper way to make a straight up tostada. No funny business people.

The toppings involve shredded lettuce, chopped tomato with some dried cilantro and minced onions mixed in, shredded cheddar, sour cream and salsa.

Much like my method for rolling a burrito, of course my way is right. And it works every time! Check it out -

Toasted shell, ready to go on a paper plate, of course..

Spread with the refried beans of your choice.

The only thing missing is some avocado.

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  1. We love tostadas over here! I never thought of going gourmet, but I think I will expand my horizons. Why not eat Mexican food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Great pics on the steak dinner, btw. YUM!

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