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Rib Eye Steaks

Monday, March 31st, 2008

The rib eye or ribeye, is a beef steak from the beef rib.

Here’s a neat guide to what part of the cow different steaks come from. It was interesting to look at, and I see why poor shank steak is shank steak. But back to rib eyes…

When cut into steaks, the rib eye is one of the most popular, juiciest, and expensive steaks on the market. Meat from the rib section is tender and fattier than other cuts of beef. This extra fat makes rib eye steaks and roasts especially tender and flavorful.

Well, with our grill I don’t even trust the juiciest of juicy steaks. I wanted a meat tenderizer that wouldn’t over power the steak’s yummy flavor.

I decided on Lawry’s Tenderizing Beef Marinade. All that was required was to mix it with a small amount of water and mix the two together. Which was a very simple task to complete with a gallon size Ziploc bag. Pierce the meat a 3-4 times on each side and place inside the Ziploc.

pierced rib eye steaks

Okay – so pierce as many times as you want, depending on the surface size of the steak. The worst that could happen is the marinade flavors invade the whole steak and take over. Not so bad.

Let that sit in the refrigerator for 30 minutes or longer, flipping once halfway through. Or…leave it in longer for a more invasive tenderized effect.

I passed the steaks on at this point so I could finish up my baked potatoes and start some Pasta Roni.

Here’s what we came up with…

Mmm, steak…

Review: Duncan Hines Oven Ready Homestyle Brownies

Saturday, March 29th, 2008

While walking down the frozen food section of the grocery store these brownies caught my eye and made me a sucker to practically every marketing strategy a store has…

  • Individual Display Case - The Duncan Hines Oven Ready Homestyle Brownies were in their own display case located right at the end of the aisle.
  • 2 for 1 price – They were marked as on sale as 2/$7. Wow, two of them for one low price! Not very cost efficient at $3.50 a box.
  • Convenience – The box boasts convenience factors that enticed me as a tired shopper. I mean come on, premium brownie batter that is ready to bake with no prep and no clean-up. I couldn’t resist atleast trying it.

The Duncan Hines Oven Ready Homestyle Brownies were definitely easy although, I flipped the box to find I needed a cookie sheet to place the convenient tray on. Fine. All else that was required was to cook it at 350° for 25-27 minutes or until an inserted toothpick comes out clean. Wait?! What if I had no toothpicks? I do, but seriously. I wonder why a convenient product like this doesn’t come with a toothpick. Even Handi-Snacks knows what’s up.

Here’s a few pictures of the goods

Right out of the box and a little frosty…

Looks pretty brownie-like and it’s passed the toothpick test.

The cut finale…

Is it good? It wasn’t horrible. If you went in seeking chocolatey fudgy goodness, you’d be let down. It was more cakey than gooey and there was an odd taste of berries amongst the chocolate flavor. I would not buy this again.

Garlic-Rosemary Chicken Breasts

Friday, March 28th, 2008

Didn’t feel very creative tonight, so I improvised the best I could with some thin-sliced chicken breasts.

Hmm. The rosemary is always calling to me, so I grabbed that bottle and poured out a handful, crushed it up and sprinkled it evenly over the chicken breasts.

Needs something else, so I shake on about 1 T minced garlic over the tops and bottoms of the chicken breasts and complete with a bit of black pepper.

Ahh, now its ready for the pan. Heat 2 T extra virgin olive oil in a non-stick pan. By the way the chicken stuck to it, I can tell the pan I used was not the right one for the job. Simply cook the chicken on medium high heat until the meat appears half cooked(3-4 mins).

Then flip it and repeat.

When I cook chicken I want to make sure its really cooked. So when the cooking time was complete, I flipped them one more time for extra browness.

Serve with any sides that sound good. I chose some white rice and corn.

And here it is:

Breakfast for Dinner

Thursday, March 27th, 2008

In our home the best way to enjoy breakfast is to have it for dinner.

Your taste buds are awake…all your senses are kicking…you are actually really hungry!!

This is where French Toast comes into play and this awesome recipe won’t disappoint.

  • Awesome French Toast
    • 1 1/3 C milk
    • 8 eggs
    • 2/3 C flour
    • 2/3 C sugar
    • 1 t vanilla
    • 1/2 t salt
    • 1/4 t cinnamon
    • 12 slices texas toast
    • Mix the eggs, milk, flour, sugar,vanilla, salt and cinnamon together.
    • Heat skillet adding butter when hot.
    • Drop bread in batter for 30 seconds on each side.
    • Cook for about 2 minutes on each side.

Add some scrambled eggs and bacon and there you have it…breakfast for dinner.DSC00505.JPG


Monday, March 3rd, 2008

“A sandwich is a sandwich, but a Manwich is a meal.” Ohh, isn’t that the truth. Manwiches are always a pleaser at my house. They’re ready in 15 minutes for them, and in one pan for me. raw meat! cooked meat Once you’ve browned the ground beef, you’re ready to pour in the Manwich… life found on Mars? Lower heat, and stir occasionally until warm. Then you’ll get this…. saucy goodness And ultimately this… Sloppy Joe Perfect your Manwich by toasting the hamburger buns in the oven prior to loading them up with meat, then top with a mound of cheddar. Nope, no fries tonight. Sorry to the family on that one.

The Perfect Baked Potato

Monday, March 3rd, 2008

For the longest time I thought you could make a “baked potato” in the microwave. This is the only “baked potato” I knew at home simply because it was the only way I knew how to prepare one. I was satisfied enough with the outcome that it worked for me.

Ohhh boy, was I wrong!

You cannot make a baked potato in the microwave, hence the term baked. Who knew?! (not me)

Do not prick the potato! Do not bake it wrapped in foil! Do enjoy a perfect baked potato!

Here is how to make the perfect baked potato in a few simple steps.


1) Wash and dry your potatoes well. You want to choose potatoes that are close to the same size so they will cook evenly. (large russetts work great)

2) Rub olive oil liberally all over the skins of those bad boys. Do not prick the potatoes!

3 ) Roll the potatoes in kosher salt, coating the skins well. This can be done by covering a large plate or filling a bowl with a hefty amount of the salt. Place them in a 13×9 baking dish to prevent splatters while cooking.

4) Preheat the oven to 400. Bake potatoes for 1 hour, turning over after 30 minutes for even cooking and no explosions.

5) Remove potatoes from the oven and wrap in foil. The important part here is to not keep them wrapped longer than 10 minutes. That will create a soggy potato. Secondly, don’t burn your fingers…these babies are hot! Now, with oven-mitted hands pick up each wrapped potato and give it a few squeezes. You will feel it mashing up inside your hands. This step is crucial for a flaky-and-fluffy-when-opened potato.

Serve in or out of the foil, although the skin is so delicious and pretty by this point that you might want to flaunt it on a plate. And with just one cut along the top of the potato, the recipient will be amazed!

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